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Based on our experience, during the last two years, we have achieved extremely good results and success in the field of horse care by using silicon, magnesium and calcium.

We have developed the following products using the unique process based on nano technology:

  • Insects and flies spray: this spray has a particularly good effect against insects and flies, especially by adding tea tree oil.

Price:  € 39.90/500 ml

  • Skin and mane spray: based on silicon, calcium and Magnesium. It provides for glossy skin and prevents summer eczema and other skin diseases.

Price:  € 39.90/500 ml

  • Horse shampoo: with the horse shampoo, which is enriched with silicon, magnesium and calcium, you get wonderful skin and, at the same time, you prevent skin irritations.

Price:  € 29.90/1000 ml or € 15.50/500 ml

  • Re-balancing massage oil, even for the hoof region: helps to relieve tension immediately and gives the horse a refreshingly relaxed feeling.

Price:  € 39.90/300 ml

  • Food supplement: improves the entire function of organs by up to 30 %, as well as enhances the performance with improved blood parameter levels.

Price:  € 94.90/750 ml

  • Hoof moisturising cream: With zinc as the constituent - so that you can prevent drying and crust formation and provide excellent support with the healing of wounds.

Price:  € 114.--/400 ml

  • Wound oil: supports fast and optimal healing of wounds in case of open wounds.

Price:  € 40.--/10 ml

  • Mineral complex: achieves improvement in performance within an hour by improving the blood characteristics. It does not fall under doping!

Price:  € 29.90/100 ml

 Insects and flies spray 500 ml € 39,90
 Skin and Mane Spray 500 ml € 39,90
 Horse Shampoo 1000ml € 29,90
 Horse Shampoo 500 ml € 15,50
 Rebalancing Massage Oil 300ml € 39,90
 Nutritional Supplement 750 ml € 94,90
 Joint and Hoof Cream 400 ml € 114,-
 Wound Oil 10 ml € 40,-
 Mineral Complex Tonic 100 ml € 29,90

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